Terms of Service

Listed below are the Terms of Service of Helping Hands Movers’ company policy. These guidelines help insure staff and customer safety. While we do our best to be accommodating, all work orders must abide by the rules listed below. They also help you to know what to expect on moving day.

  1. Prohibited Items and Services

Items that we cannot move and prohibit clients from including within a move include but are not limited to:  cash and credit cards; precious metals and precious stones (jewelry); firearms and ammunition; prescription medications, alcohol, or any illegal substances; small expensive electronic devices such as Ipads, Iphones, Android phones, laptops, etc.; sensitive documents, checkbooks, IDs, or passports; or anything living (excluding plants).  These items should be held with the client and moved on-person.  We cannot be held responsible for these prohibited items.  All items to be moved *must* be either furniture, or securely packaged boxes.  Any appliances must be disconnected and ready for moving.  We do not perform services that involve utilities such as water, electricity, or gas.  These company policies exist to protect both us and you, the consumer.

2. 3-Hour Arrival Window

We usually arrive at your requested time or earlier.  Unpredictable accidents and emergencies may require us to arrive up to 3 hours after your requested arrival time.  This is the “Arrival Window.”  We provide timely updates of our ETA as the day progresses.   Though we cannot currently provide a more punctual arrival window we nearly always arrive at or before your requested time.  Special arrangements can be made for moves involving freight elevators to accommodate your reservation with your building.

3. Damages

In the event of damage to client property, and there exists no signed damage waiver, our policy is to issue a determination, up to the full cost of the move, by adding a credit for a percentage of the retail value of any damaged items.  Property damage is handled similarly.  The maximum liability we agree to assume is the full cost of the move, whether paid by our company, or through insurance.

4. Children & Pets

For the entire duration of the move an adult that is authorized to make final business decisions in the name of the client must be present if children are on site. We require that all children and pets be absent from the moving area during a move for safety purposes.

5. Packing

Please be sure to have all items that will be moved packed into boxes or securely contained in bags that are tied off.  All items to be moved must be packaged. We cannot currently provide same-day packing services.  If the client declines to receive furniture pad-wrapping services, they must sign a damage liability waiver which will release Helping Hands Philly of any liabilities in the event of damages. The only bags and boxes packed-by-owner that we can guarantee are well packaged boxes or well tied off contractor bags. We will move other types of boxes or bags, including totes but cannot guarantee that they will withstand the rigors of a move as reliably as strong plastic bags and cardboard boxes. All pictures and canvases to be moved must be wrapped with plastic wrap and protective corners or we cannot guarantee they will arrive safely. Sculptures, as well as other art pieces and other expensive or fragile items must be packaged properly.

6. Assembled Furniture

Though we do and will carefully and gently move IKEA, Wal-Mart or other assembled furniture, we absolutely cannot guarantee that it will survive a move unless it is fully disassembled and then reassembled by either our staff or the client. Such assembled pieces are designed to remain relatively stationary once assembled and can break easily when transported.  We do not perform assembly or disassembly services that are connected to utilities for liability and safety reasons.

7. Payment

We require an initial cash or Bitcoin deposit upon arrival before work begins. If the duration of the work order extends beyond the initial deposit, the clients will pay another for additional time at the moment of expiration.

10. Standard Rates

Labor-Only Service includes a minimum of 2 movers, no truck, and no tools.  Rates begin at 2 movers for 2 hours at $140. Additional time after the first two hours is billed in 1/4 hour increments at $70/ hour. For Labor-Only Service we do not provide a vehicle for within-Philadelphia travel and instead require the workers to ride within the moving van or to use public transit.  This helps us to ensure low rates.  Payment is due upon arrival and before work begins.  We charge an additional $1.25/mile round trip travel fee, for all moves originating outside of, or ending outside of Philadelphia city/county.

11. Payment

We kindly ask that you have your cash or bitcoin promptly available on the day of the move, and that except in the case of paying tip to employees or a severe emergency there be no need to travel to a separate location to retrieve funds.

**All clients will be asked to sign a copy of these Terms of Service before the start of moving & hauling work orders.**